The American Coalition for Ukraine is an alliance of over 100 U.S.-based organizations that have joined their efforts and resources to support Ukraine in its defense of the universal values of freedom and human dignity. Coalition partners call the United States home, but many of us share historical experiences of oppression, violence, and war in our countries of origin and ancestral homelands – often at the hands of Russian imperialism.

The fourth consecutive Ukraine Action Summit concluded on April 16th, 2024. Over 500 delegates from 47 states flew into Washington, D.C., to meet with their elected officials and advocate for Ukraine. This was one of the largest and arguably most important Ukraine Action Summits organized to date. Together, our delegates conducted over 350 meetings, effectively conveying the urgent need for support for Ukraine directly to the offices of elected officials.

Our principles

Together we stand in solidarity behind an unequivocal victory and lasting security for Ukraine. We are guided by our principles, which include support for:

  • Ukraine’s right to self-determination and territorial integrity
  • Free democratic & civic institutions in Ukraine
  • Respecting human rights and human dignity in Ukraine
  • Ukraine defending its people from external aggression
  • Ukraine’s economic recovery and prosperity

Our mission

We guide and coordinate effective nationwide advocacy efforts to support Ukraine’s freedom, independence, and peaceful future.

Our mission is to create a framework bringing together diverse US-based organizations and individuals supporting Ukraine, to provide guidance and coordinate effective nationwide advocacy efforts, and facilitate communication with US audiences. We do this by amplifying the voices, coordinating actions, and utilizing the resources offered by our member organizations and their local networks.


The American Coalition for Ukraine was founded by a group of U.S.-based non-profit organizations with the goal of mobilizing and coordinating advocacy efforts within the local Ukrainian community. Currently, the Coalition has over 100 participating organizations. The governing board comprises representatives from the founding organizations and recognized experts in the non-profit sector. Meet the board team here —>

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Launch of the American Coalition for Ukraine in front of the White House. Pictured here is UCCA Executive Vice President and the Director of the Ukrainian National Information Service, Michael Sawkiw.