Ukraine Action Summit: Spring 2024

Ukraine Action Summit, April 12-16, 2024, Washington, D.C.

The theme for this Summit is that “PEOPLE’S LIVES ARE NOT POLITICS.” 

We aim to foster a sense of unity that we hope you will bring to your relationships under the umbrella of the Coalition and convey to your elected officials. 

Our dedicated team is working hard to finalize the upcoming Summit’s details.  

We can guarantee that when you join us for the full Summit, you will:

  • Hear subject-matter experts discuss Ukraine-specific insights & strategies as part of our panels & conference programming.  
  • Have more time and a specific space allocated for networking with other members of the Coalition to find synergies & build connections among organizations.
  • Spend a day dedicated to advocacy training, including a deep dive into local advocacy, relevant legal tips, and a better understanding of media engagement.
  • Engage in two days of advocacy on the Hill with the full support of our dedicated team. 
  • Make memories, find new friends, and create maximum impact by advocating for Ukraine.

Before the summit, all attendees are invited to take basic advocacy training powered by the Coalition Advocacy Committee and KLYCH platform.

The Spring 2024 Ukraine Action Summit Details

The Spring 2024 Ukraine Action Summit (UAS) will consist of two parts:

  • The Networking Conference (Friday PM- Sunday PM) 

The Conference will provide opportunities to attend panel discussions and gain a better understanding of current events on the ground and in the US political universe. Additionally, there will be dedicated time and space for building strong connections with other member organizations.

  • Advocacy in Action (Sunday AM-Tuesday PM)

Sunday will be dedicated to in-depth training on advocating for Ukraine on the Hill during the Summit, engaging with elected officials in districts, understanding the legal intricacies of advocacy for 501(c)(3) organizations, and receiving tips for building lasting relationships with local media outlets. For the next two days, attendees will participate in congressional meetings, and we will ensure that a support team is available to assist you at any time during those two days.

You may choose to do one or the other, or join us for the full UAS program; the prices vary accordingly

Ticket Price
  • Full UAS Program (Friday PM to Tuesday PM) – $125
  • UAS Networking Conference (Friday PM- Sunday PM) – $100
  • UAS Advocacy in Action (Sunday AM – Tuesday PM) – $50
Networking and Presentation opportunities

Present your organization, find partners, and explore new opportunities for growth. We offer all our member organizations the opportunity to purchase an exhibition booth slot. In the atrium, we will have dedicated space for networking and promotional booths. For more information, please contact

Fee Reduction Possibilities

We understand that attending the UAS is an expense and we want to make this event as accessible to you as possible. Thank you for allowing us to help get you here – your voice and participation matters!

  • Volunteer with us to reduce the ticket price by 50% by filing out this form to commit to volunteer times during the UAS events. Volunteer needs are limited and will be addressed as requests are submitted.
  • Students can purchase their ticket for the entire event, Friday through Tuesday, for $50. However, they can fill out this form to receive a code for free admission!
  • Sponsorship is not readily available, but if you wish to join us for the Ukraine Action Summit and the fee hinders your presence, please fill out this form, and we will do our best to match you with a sponsor. Filling out this form is not a guarantee of sponsorship, and further communications will be necessary to confirm your participation.

Please reach out to with any further questions.